Zabit Is Back in Action, Let Us Rejoice

My Guy Zabit Has Himself A Fight at UFC 223

The time has come for one of the most exciting and dangerous prospects in the UFC to return to the cage and assert his dominance. Zabit Magomedsharipov is smooth as silk and lethal as a smoking gun. Unfortunately, with that skill comes problems. Not when he’s in the octagon, but rather as he tries to get there.

In lesser words, dudes don’t want to fight him. Who can blame them? What psychopath would step into the cage with a 6’1″ featherweight with a high-action striking arsenal and an authoritative ground attack?

That question has been answered as Kyle Bochniak recognized the opportunity at hand and took full advantage. After a win in his hometown of Boston, Bochniak wants step up in competition.

Well he’s now on a whole new flight of stairs with this match-up looming.

This is Gonna Be Fun

Zabit has quickly become one of my favorite fighters on the roster. Notice I didn’t use the word prospect, mostly because he’s anything but that. Yes he’s new in the promotion, but i’d be confident in throwing Zabit up against just about any top-10 fighter in the division. He has yet to show any weaknesses in his two contests and has in fact made mince meat out of the men originally tasked with taking him out.

How has he done so? With precision.

Against Mike Santiago, the pressure came early. He swarmed him like a bee protecting it’s hive. The attacks came in a controlled environment of chaos where clean low-highs were as likely as the showtime kick he came centimeters from landing. But beyond that, it’s his versatility. His ability to change the target of his shots while mixing the countless ways he could throw them. And then of course, you’ve got the grappling. His positional intelligence comes from an open-minded way of attacking and defending on the ground and from what Ricardo Almeida has to say about him, Zabit’s strength is quite literally his strength.

He followed that performance up with one that showed his versatility and ability to adapt to different circumstances. Sheymon Moraes is an explosive striker with a knack for knockouts. This one may not have been as “exciting”, but it was equally impressive and dominant. The ground became Zabit’s ally in this fight where guard passes and back mounts where ushered through by high-energy slams and scrambles. As time waned, Zabit attacked and his an anaconda choke with thirty seconds left.

The submission became his second in as many UFC fights and proved the level of his skill. His first couple appearances have been anything but ordinary and I expect no different this weekend.

But wait,,,He’s Buried on the Prelims?

Yesterday I ranked the three best fights that are flying waaaayy under the radar. I understand that media and most fans will be focused solely on the two title fights and I myself operate in a similar manner.

But my god there are some tremendous highlights of the undercard and Zabit is one of them. Hell, the only reason I left him off the list from last night is because I really don’t expect this to be a particularly exciting fight. I mean, it will be exciting but only for one man. That man–Zabit.

But the level of disrespect shown here by the UFC to put him as the very first fight of the night is borderline criminal. Not just to Zabit, but to the fans!

How do you expect us to settle down after watching this beautiful assassin work his magic?

Right, by placing three of the most mundane fights directly above it. Now I know people always tell me, ‘Jeff, bout order means absolutely nothing’. But i’d disagree. Mostly because if they would put Zabit higher up on the card, I wouldn’t have to tune in straight from the first fight….on second thought that was a smart move by the UFC.

Regardless of where he sits on the card, Zabit is firmly number one in our hearts. The future of the game has arrived, don’t miss a moment!

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