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Urban Fight Night – A Must if you’re in Sydney

Urban Fight Night 13

Urban Fight Night Rocks Liverpool

The rain fell in the afternoon at Liverpool before the opening of the gates, but it certainly did not detour the punters from coming out to see some local MMA action. I traveled down the F1 from the Central Coast to cover the night’s proceedings and boy was I glad I did.

The cage was a full sized 32 foot cage with crimson red flooring and the Urban Fight Night logo. The stadium seating was closer than most that I have seen and gave it a real “close in, on top of the action” feel. From start to finish, there was rarely a dull moment. I sat on a table, cage side with laptop setup doing play by play (which you can read here.)

Fight Night

I arrived in on the rules meeting that all fighters must attend. That was around 20 minutes or so before the first fight began. Head referee John Sharp and promoter Suman Mokhtarian ran through the two different rule sets for Amateurs and Professional. I was super impressed by the way both men implored corners to stop fights if they thought their competitor had enough. This would come in to play later on in the night as some of the amateurs corners wisely chose to stop the fight early.

Ring Anouncer Stephen Peios, was on fire all night with his introductions and a massive shout out to him for doing a fantastic job. Never over done and in the right tone for the specific fights occasion. Some local shows, you just want the ring announcer to get out of the cage to let the boys have at it, not with Stephen.

I must say I was treated to an epic night of fights. There was hardly ever a dull moment in all the contests and if there were, you were close enough in the crowd to appreciate how much labor went into every shot. Congratulations to the new UFN Light Heavyweight champion Nathan Reddy of XXX Fight Academy, Smeaton Grange.

A special mention to Urban Fight Night 13 sponsors, which as most people know on the local level make it happen.

Quest Serviced Apartments Liverpool, Bodyfit Fitness Centre – Auburn, Engage & Unibet

If you ever have the choice between sponsors or competitors, support the people who support local MMA.


Here were the nights results. Thank you to all who competed and to the crowd that added to the atmosphere of the event.

Nathan Reddy  def  Duke Didier  Unanimous Dec
Joshua Culibao  def  James McGlashan  Unanimous Dec
Raymart Quintana  def  Danny Hopper  Sub, 3:45 R1
M. Goufas-Piper  def  Aden Hawke  KO/TKO, 3:59 R1
Sebastian Temesi  def  William Namoa  Unanimous Dec
Mitchell Fear  def  Heath Knight  KO/TKO, 3:00 R1
Bruno Playfair  def  Hayden Limebeer  KO/TKO, 2:57 R1
Nelson Mayan  def  Julio Agati Unanimous Dec
Adam Assuncao  def  Tyler Mcmahon  KO/TKO, 1:47 R1
Nathan Matuir  def  Luke Blacklock  Unanimous Dec
Pio Sofa  def  Sef Ioapa KO/TKO, 1:39 R2
Matt Sheffield  def  Nathan Rowe  KO/TKO, 2:45 R3
Kyle Maistry  def  Nathan Dubois  KO/TKO, 1:29 R3
Luke McKenzie  def  Connor Mcmahon  KO/TKO, 1:10 R2
Gokce Oncu  def  Benjamin eagle  KO/TKO, 0:59 R1
Brandon Zielinski  def  Alistair Fleming  KO/TKO, 3:00 R2

Cross Promotional Fights

Whilst talking with respected Muay Thai instructor and judge Sin Temor, he made a very good statement about MMA in Australia. “We are not big enough yet to be tearing each other down”, he said. With the usual Australian way of tearing tall poppies down, it would appear as tho everyone is scrambling for top dog position. This however is not the case with promoter Suman Mokhtarian who told me ” I am more than happy to share my fighters with other promotions”. With this in mind I will be looking at possible cross promotional fights in the future to help build the draws to local shows and push our talent further in the direction of the bigger promotions. After all that is what each and every local promoter has expressed to me when asked if that was their goal.

Nathan Reddy vs Anthony John – If John moves to Light Heavy. Very needy division for talent and could fight for the UFN title
Rodolfo Marques vs Joshua Culibao for the XFC featherweight championship
Raymart Quintana Vs Garrett Gross If Gross wins his ACB contest

If any of the fighters or promoters are interested in these match ups, we would be happy to promote it for you.

If you live anywhere close to Liverpool and the fights are on, get your ass on a seat!


What an incredible night of action 16 fights 11 finishes (10 TKO/KOS, 1 SUBMISSION) some crazy back and forth action…

Posted by Urban Fight Night – MMA promotion on Saturday, December 2, 2017


Cheers Suman and UFN staff for the invite and hospitality. Big plans for the future and can’t wait to be cage side to see it.

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