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Urban Fight Night 13

Choke Hold was here at the Whitlam Centre in Liverpool, New South Wales for Urban Fight Night’s thirteenth installment. Promoter Suman Mokhtarian assembled an amazing card of amateurs and professionals to entertain the large crowd on hand. It is highlighted by the main event for the Light Heavyweight title between Nathan Reddy and Duke Didier. Before all the action, let’s take a look at the weigh in video.

Weigh Ins

UFN 13 – LIVE WEIGH INS @ Quest Liverpool

Posted by Urban Fight Night – MMA promotion on Thursday, November 30, 2017

Amateurs start the night off right

Ramen Choke Hold are massive proponents of the amateur ranks in MMA. It allows the fighters to gain proper experience in all facets of the fight game before putting their professional records on the line. Tonight had 11 amateur fights on the card and it will shape the future of the professional ranks on the local scene.

The long red runway leads the first fighter to the ring, the crowd is half full but they are starting to file in.

Kyle Malstry ATT vs Nathan Dubois HULK MMA 62kg AM

Rd 1 – Long feeling out process a few leg kicks by Dubois but Kyle answers with a few shots to the face of his opponent, big body lock by Kyle then he takes him down, good control by Kyle works to full mount. Dubois is not giving up however as he now is coping a barrage of punches from Malstry.  2 minutes of full mount GNP for the ATT fighter.

Rd 2 – Dubois is now marked up and is showing the affects of the ground and pound all over his face. Kyle comes out pressuring his opponent strikes a bit then with another body lock takes his opponent down. Kyle is controlling his opponent in half guard and landing strikes against the fence. Dubois explodes and gets back to his feet and throws a combination that nearly lands. Kyle smiles and nods at the shots that just missed. Big left on the feet by Kyle that connects and both men are now exchanging big on the feet worked to another body lock against the cage and takes him down again. More GNP to finish the round for the ATT prospect. Dubois is a warrior tho and is not giving up 20- 17

Rd 3 – Kyle strikes to make his way inside and takes his opponent down again near the cage. He is now working his top game but Dubois kicks him away and gets back to his feet. Dubois is now looking around at the feet and the crowd oddly. He cops a few more big blows from Kyle and the ref has no option but to stop this one early. This was an amazing fight to start the night off and get the crowd going. Dubois is a warrior and  tried till the very end.

Gokce Oncu ATT vs Benjamin Eagles DEBUT – MACARTHUR MARTIAL ARTS 70 kg AM

A Massive roar from a full section of the crowd for Benjamin he has certainly got a lot of support in the arena for this amateur lightweight bout.

Rd 1 – Nice body kick by Eagles which is returned by the ATT man. Range feeling out process with strikes landing from both men but nothing of any significance. A big right hand by Gokce and it floors Ben knocking him down and he walks away as the referee stops it with no further strikes – Mark Hunt style.

Mitchell Fear BUSTLER MMA/ ATT vs Heath Knight XXX FIGHT ACADEMY 66 kg AM

Rd 1 – Mitchell is quick to take the center of the cage, the 2 exchange kicks. Big head kick lands for Knight and he goes to work with more kicks to the body and legs. Crisp striking from Heath as he continues to strike and land combinations. Mitch throws a combination and lands hard…more kick exchanges as the fight is really starting to open up now. Heath has been opened up on the left eye and Mitch is starting to find his range and lands a nice left hook and swarms. he is unloading for the last 10 seconds as heath is up against the cage coping strikes from all angles.

The fight is stopped in between rounds as Heath Knight is unable to continue the fight.

Brandon Zlellnski ATT vs Alastair Fleming 28 HUNDRED 68 kg AM

Rd 1 – Brandon hits a big right overhand and Alistair closes the distances and pushes him up against the cage. Fleming takes him down and a scramble ensues Al grabs a guillotine and squeezes hard but Brandon pops out and now has his back. Al reverses and now is working a von flue, his coaches are imploring him to let the choke go and he eventually does. Al has control on the ground now and is on top but not landing anything. Brandon reverses the position with 10 seconds to go. A very, very hard round to score.

Rd 2 – Brandon throws a few kicks which the last one is caught and Al is now working on a take down which he lands. He tries to control his opponent but after a minute he loses position and Brandan reverses it and takes his back. He strikes a few times and it opens up his guard which he passes into full mount. An amazing sweep by the 2800 student and again he tries to go to work on the ground. A wild scramble on on the ground and it end ups with Brandon in a knee bar. Al is trying his hardest to finish it but is coping a barrage of punches as he tries to sinch up the leglock. Thats how the round ends. This is anyone’s guess as to who wins.

Thats it! it has been stopped between rounds again as Alistair Fleming looks visibly exhausted. It is so good to see in the Amateur fights that they are being stopped early when visibly in trouble. This is no coincidence as in the Rules meeting Promoter Suman Mokhtarian told all amateur competitors that its better to fight another day then to lose this match and more of your career over an amateur bout.

Nathan Rowe HULK MMA vs Matt Sheffield PRODIGY MMA 74 kg AM

Rd 1 – Good pressure by Sheffield as he is winning the exchanges on the feet. Very patient by both men as they look to use their striking to gain the advantage. Sheffield lands a few hard shots and forces Nathan to clinch they spend a few seconds on the cage but eventually separate and this allows Sheffield to land a few more shots. 10 – 9 Sheffield.

Rd 2 – Sheffield comes out strong again with strikes and Nathan tries to clinch again. Big body kick lands from Sheffield. Nathan is bloodied up in his mouth and the fight is starting to head in Sheffield’s direction. More leg kicks from Matt. A big right hand lands flush and Nathan is now hurriedly trying to clinch and get this to the ground. A low blow to Sheffield halts action for the minute and gives both fighters a chance to gain their breath.The action starts again and its much of the same.

Rd 3 – Sheffield starts with leg kicks again and Nathan is just eating them with teeth clenched, his leg will be jacked tomorrow. Sheffield is now throwing HEAVY leg kicks and looks like he is trying to punish that lead leg to the point of breaking. He hits him with another 5 or so heavy leg kicks and it opens upstairs up and Sheffield lands heavy to the face. Nathan is not going away. More leg kicks and right hands now coming in and the ref has no choice but to wave it off.

William Namoa ATT vs Sebastian Temes RESILIENCE MMA  84 kg PRO

Rd 1 –  30 seconds of feeling out and then the boys throw some combinations and end up in a clinch against the cage. they separate and start the dance again. Sebastian is stalking him down but good circling movement by William makes the Resilience mma man clinch again. the 2 men work against the cage for over a minute. It looks like Sebastian is the bigger man. 10 seconds to go and the boys let fly and William lands a big right to end the round.

Rd 2 – William goes in for a take down and ends up on his back against the cage. Both men work hard against the cage as Sebastian works feverishly for control. The men are cheese grating their way around the ring. A knee to the head lands whilst Will is grounded causing a stop in action. The men resume and it’s much of the same. A few strikes then clinching against the fence. Seb grabs Wills back and is working for control. Great back control by Sebastian  but no real strikes are landing. Will gets up momentarily but the Resilience MMA man works him back to the ground and is now hitting him with little strikes. The round ends with Temes throwing little shots whilst having his back. 10 – 8 round IMO

Rd 3 – Both men touch gloves and the action starts again. A big overhand right lands for William but the Melbourne man comes forward and body clinch, takes him down again. Sebastian goes to work pounding on William not giving him an inch to explode. Sebastian finally moves to full mount and stays heavy  on top of his opponent. Total grappling domination from the Daniel Kelly led Resilience MMA man and should win an easy decision.

Hayden Limebeer DEBUT CFS vs Bruno Playfair PRODIGY MMA 70 kg AM

Rd 1 – Early flurries fly as the boys get into it nice and early. Big kick lands for Hayden and then they push each other to the fence and work from there. Both men are looking for the advantage as a few knees land from both guys. The 2 separate and Hayden lands a big teep to the body and then a massive head kick which drops his opponent for a second. Bruno gets back up pushes limebeer to the cage. The men separate and start throwing down again. A great pace for an amateur fight. The men start exchanging again and Bruno lands a big right hand and it ends the contest violently.

Raymart Quintana vs  Danny Hopper 70 kg PRO

Rd 1 – Ray opens up with leg kicks as both men swap stances feeling each other out. Raymart seems to be winning the distance battle early. Danny throws a leg kick and Raymart catches it and takes him down hard. He quickly moves to side control and is looking to pass but Danny is up to it. Another scramble and Raymart ends up taking his back , sinks in the RNC and puts Hopper to sleep cold!

Julio Agati DEBUT CFS vs Nelson Mayan TEAM PEROSH  77 kg AM

Rd 1 – Nelson comes out stalking and lands a monster of a right hand to drop his opponent. He follows up on the floor and is swarming his opponent. He gets out of it and stands up but is busted way open. He is game as fuck tho and swings away whilst shaking blood off himself. The men keep exchanging on the feet and Julio lands a few strikes. The round ends with both competitors throwing leather. I have no idea how Julio got out  of that round however Nelson looks a little tired.

Rd 2 – both men feel each other out for the first 20 seconds. You can tell both men are tired but start striking, Nelson lands hard again forcing Julio to shoot for a take down but the Perosh MMA man is too fast for him and ends up on top. Not too much happening on the ground as Mayan tried to pass guard and do some damage but is not having a lot of success. Julio works his way up to his feet and they are at it again. Big strikes come in from both men, heads are flying back left right and centre. Great finish to the round after starting a little benign.

Rd 3 – Julio comes on strong but the Perosh man is looking for a big stoppage here and is piling on the pressure but Julio is somehow surviving,. The crowd is going bananas! Julio is now taking the middle of the ring and pushing the action as much as he can. Both men are now visibly gassed but are still fighting with real warrior spirit. Both men are landing shots but Julio is getting the better of it. Blood still streaming from his nose from the very first punch of the fight. Both men with 10 seconds to go unleash whatever they have left. GREAT FIGHT, FOTN SO FAR!

Main Event of the Evening

Nathan Reddy XXX FIGHT ACADEMY vs Duke Didier HILLS SPORTS/RESILIENCE MMA 6-0 (The Duke of Canberra) MAIN EVENT!!! 93kg PRO

Here we go ladies and gentleman its the main event of the evening both men look in absolute peak physical condition. The 2 men touch gloves as Nathan runs around the cage. Not many seats left in the building and the announcer is on fire introducing the 2 men. The 2 men stare each other down and here we go.

Rd 1 – both men are feeling each other out early as the Duke throws a right and moves in and pushes his man against the cage. Both men are working hard as Duke gains a little control. A big take down from The Duke off the cage and he lands in side control. The Duke gets to work gaining top control and starting to make Nathan work very hard off his back. Ref gives the call to advance position  and as Didier tried to it gave Nathan a chance to get to his feet. The boys are back up and the crowd goes nuts. Nathan lands a nice short right to the jaw of The Duke who is now looking a little tired. Nathan lands a nice jab and forces Duke to clinch. Nathan starts landing in the clinch as the men look for a dominant position. The Duke takes his man down 1 more time but hats the end of the round and gets up very, very gingerly. Looks gassed even tho may have won that round. Will be a big test for him in the 2nd as both men are now sweaty and tired. Nathan looks to be the fresher

Rd 2 – Duke gets his man down early in the round and is looking to take a break on top here. The corner-men near me are imploring the ref to stand them up as there is not much action going. The ref has no option but to  stand them up. Didier struggles getting to his feet from exhaustion and when he does Nathan lands a hard shot. Nathan looks to work the body now and completely rid Dukes gas tank! The Duke is hunching over now out of tiredness when they are seperate. Nathan is starting to land solidly now and Duke goes for a last ditch take down by the looks of it. He takes him down but Nathan  grabs a kimura and starts working it but then lets go and ends up on bottom. He now is sinching up a triangle and lands strikes from the bottom.The duke postures up and gets out of it but is still stuck in a bad position. The round ends with both men breathing very, very heavily. The next round could be the telling one.

Rd 3 – The Duke is left on his haunches as the chair gets taken away from him. Nathan throws combinations and lands a few before The Duke closes the distance again and takes him down. Duke is trying his best to pass guard and do damage but there is not a lot going on. The crowd is getting impatient and wants it stood up.  Not a lot of action on the ground at all. A chant of stand them up goes around the crowd. After 3 mins the duke finally works to the back and gets off a few strikes. Nathan then reverses the position and is now on top. He needs a big end to the round to steal this away one feels. He lands an elbow and some hammer fists from the top. More pressure and strikes from Nathan on top and The Duke looks like he has had enough. He needs to pile it on to get the stoppage here. 10 seconds to go and he takes the back and sinks in the RNC but no tap! The ref checks him and he isn’t out but has nothing left in the tank to get up. A great scrap and 1 the judges will have to think closely about. Could go either way depending on what the judges like seeing. I give it to Nathan

AND NEW UFN Light Heavyweight champion is 🏆 NATHAN REDDY 🏆XXX Fight Academy Proudly Sponsored By Bodyfit Fitness Centre – Auburn

Posted by Urban Fight Night – MMA promotion on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Luke Blacklock vs Nathan Maitre 57 kg AM

The crowd is going absolutely nuts for Luke Blacklock here…My ears are ringing from the screaming and clapping coming from behind me

Rd 1 – A quick start from both using all different techniques to feel each other out. A much faster affair than the last bout. Maitre lands from range but is now giving up the centre of the cage. Nathan moving from inside to outside leg kicks scoring well. A good entry by Nathan and takes down Luke however he reverses it very quickly and they are back up to their feet. Nathan starting to open up with his strikes now with flying switch kicks and combinations. A quick take down at the end of the round but nothing in it.

Rd 2 – The round starts with Nathan throwing his kicks from distance without too much affect although it is the only scoring that is going on. Nathan lands a punch and throws a kick but Luke catches it and takes him down. He reverses it pretty quickly again without too much damage. Much more of the same for the entire round until the last 10 seconds where Luke connects with a right and a small flurry from both guys ends it.

Rd 3 – Luke has taken control of the centre of the cage and Nathan shoots but its stuffed.  More kicks from the outside from Luke and is racking up the points. He tries for a flying switch kick and lands hard on his ass before quickly getting up. Much more from distance…the crowd is going nuts for Luke but I am not sure he will get the decision. Great to hear such great support for a local amateur fighter, this for me is where its at! Great job supporters!

Adam Assuncao vs Tyler Mcmaho 62 kg AM

Rd 1 – Adam throws a jumping knee into a take down and Tyler unleashes punches to his ribs from bottom. Adam passes to side control, moves to knee on belly and nearly gains full mount and finally does. Now rains down punches Tyler gains half guard for a second but then is mounted again and reigns down more punches from full mount. The ref steps in and saves Tyler.

Sam Jo Tootu vs Luke SPears 84 kg PRO

Luke Spears pulled out of the fight at 5:40pm (20 minutes before first fight) due to personal reasons.

Luke Mckenzie vs Connor Mcmahon 77 kg AM

Rd 1 – Luke takes center cage and works his opponent to the cage where he takes him down. Connor grabs a guillotine bu is in half guard  . Luke takes full mount and takes his time gaining control. Lands a few strikes on the ground but there is still a struggle for superior position, Luke is really taking his time with great control. A good job by Connor to be on bottom and not take any damage for a minute or 2 but that all ends as Luke breaks posture and reigns down big strikes for the rest of the round. 10-8 for sure IMO

Rd 2 – Connor has a small cut above his right eye to start the round.  Luke stalks his opponent against the cage again and takes him down. Luke works hard again for superior position taking his time , listening to his corners advice he postures up and lands some ground and pound to stop the fight.

Michael Goufas Piper vs Aden Hawke 66 kg PRO

Rd 1 – both boys feel out the range and Aden lands a few early leg kicks. Michael changes to southpaw and is fainting hard but not letting anything go. They grapple for a second but push each other off. More feeling out process as Michael throws some strikes with angles and lands. More distance strikes without too much landing with power but some scoring shots from both men but Michael has the advantage so far. They exchange some more and michael lands a vicious right hand that instantly stops the fight!

Pio Sofa vs Sef Loapa 93 kg AM

Rd 1 – Both boys come out throwing leather. Nothing really connecting yet Strikes landing in the clinch for Sef as Pio looks for knees. both guys looking for the big right hand bu are not setting it up. Pio is much lighter on his feet and is starting to score with leg kicks. Some more kicks and the rounds end.

Rd 2 – Pio lands 2 hard shots to the body and looks aggressive. Sef fires back with some strikes and pushes him up against the fence looking for the take down. Pio stuffs it and the boys come out swinging hard. Sef looks tired and Pio drops him with a big right and sends the crowd into a frenzy. Conditioning the order of the day again in the amateur ranks.

Apologies to the last fight of the night for no play by play, video coming soon.

Urban Fight Night 13 Sponsors Engage Fightwear , Quest hotels – Liverpool and Unibet

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