Shannon Ross – The Focused Flyweight

The Focused Flyweight

There is no shortage of talent in the Australia MMA scene at the moment. With ACB returning to Brisbane this week, the locals are set to put on a show. One of those locals is, up and coming Gold Coast fighter Shannon Ross – The Turkish Delight.

Ross opens up in an interview about his fight, his ambitions and the aspirations for his son.

He is talented, ambitious and powerful for his weight class. He currently holds the Flyweight Nitro Title and is scheduled to fight for the Nitro Bantamweight Title later in the year.

At ACB 88 Ross will be taking on another contender and The Ultimate Fighter season 24 and Hex Fight Series Champion Charlie Alaniz. With these two champion flyweights coming into the fight with similar records, this is expected to be great fight and has fight of the night written all over it.

Leading into the fight, Ross has one thing on his mind. To be the best.

We’ve both got similar records, I’m 10-4 and he’s 11-3 by the end of the fight I’m going to put the 4 on him and get the extra W on mine. I’m looking to prove to people that I’m the best and most active Australian flyweight”

Not only does he want a win over Alaniz, he wants to deliver a stand out performance that pushes him into the top 10 rankings of the ACB flyweight division.

I went to train in Thailand at Phuket Top Camp, for a few weeks. With work, family and home, it’s good to just knuckle down and get away for a bit and train hard. I’ve recently signed four-fight deal with ACB. I really want to show I can win two in a row; I can beat a black belt from England and a wrestler from America. This fight, I really want to cement a position in ACB flyweight division and their top 10 and then really start pushing for a top spot”

He is a family man with a clear focus and with each fight he wins, he gets closer to achieving his goal of being a world titleholder.

It’s hard getting to that next step you know, then once I get there, I’ve got to get that next step, even the hunger and motivation for this fight alone has intensified, it is hard being away from family, but if this is something I’m going to do and get the top the world I need to make those sacrifices, I’ve knuckled down and did four hard weeks here in Australia and two weeks in Thailand. My motivation and hunger grows each fight I take and the closer I get”

With a four fight contract signed, the future looks bright for the young flyweight, and he knows exactly what he wants to aim for, and the pathway he’s going to take to get it.

I want to be fighting for a world title flying around the world in 18 months, 2 years. Then I want to be in the UFC, if I fight these fights and put on performances and win all my fights on this contract, I hope to renegotiate for a for a title on ACB, then once I have the title there is no reason I wont be in the UFC. I’ll be on a 6-7 fight win streak and I’ll be 17-4 no reason why I can’t signed to the UFC”

On June 16, Ross gets to walk out on home soil, in front of a home crowd with the support from his family, friends and fans and hopes to add another win to his name. A name he recently changed for his 2-year-old son Nixon Carter (who is named after two presidents).

I changed my name when my son was born, Ross was my middle name growing up and McClellen was my surname. When I was growing up, I never really had anything to look up to or aspire to, I didn’t have anything I wanted to be apart of. I didn’t have anyone I wanted to be like. I had 3 older brothers and older sister and two youngest brothers, so I come from 7 kids and single mother. My older brother got into drugs, crime and he was in and out of jail, one of my brothers is still in jail. Their fathers name was McClellen.

For my son I wanted a new family name and line. Something he can look up to, something he can look forward to and have pride in, which was the main reason I changed it, was for him. I want him to be able look back say my dad was an Australia champion for an international MMA promotion. I want to give him something to look back on. A name he can be proud of”

On Saturday night, Ross will bring an impressive mindset, huge power and he’s definitely not one to sleep on.

I feel good, I feel comfortable and I’m ready”

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