Reece McLaren Gets His Shot

Reece McLaren will fight Adriano Moraes for the bantamweight strap

Reece McLaren Fights for the Title March 9th

Finally, the news has been handed down. After an odd jaunt down the interim title avenue that MMA has become far too comfortable with recently, Reece Mclaren gets his shot.

It was difficult to understand how ONE could overlook this man from the jump. But it’s clear now that it was never an issue. While Geje Eustaquio holds the interim flyweight title, his challenging days will have to wait. The man who has been primed to fight Adriano moraes from his inception to the division will get his shot.

March 9th, Kuala Lumpur, mark it on you calendars folks. That’s the day Australia gets yet another world champ.

We will of course dive deeper into the fight itself at a later date. But for now, I leave you with this.

Reece Mclaren has been a consummate underdog. Guys overlook him. Why? I don’t know, but they do. His fight with Bibiano was the closest of the longtime bantamweight kings career. Reece gave him all he could handle, unfortunately it just wasn’t quite enough.

When he fights Adriano Moraes next month, he will be the underdog. MMA pundits will pick Adriano, fans will pick Adriano, but you know who isn’t?

This guy. I’ve seen what Reece “Lightning” is capable of and soon you all will too.

I can’t wait for this fight. I’m so happy for Reece and i’m so happy for you guys. On March 9th, you’ll be treated to quite the show. All I ask is a 10% commission on all payouts at the sports book.

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