People, Can We Get Zabit a Fight?

Why are guys ducking my boy?

Less Ducky More Fighty

What the hell guys? We can’t get Zabit a fight now? I thought the UFC was the land of fighters. Where the best fight the best and hiding spots are limited if at all available. Nah son. Those days are long gone. We’ve got Zabit looking for a fight. James Vick is looking for a legit opponent, they’re ducking dudes like Jon ducks Novitzky. Except there’s not a cage to hide under. It’s just not right.

So after a deep mental and spiritual cleansing, I have come to the conclusion that i’ve got to do what must be done. I, Jeff Kunkle, being of sound body and slightly intoxicated mind, have decided to throw my hat into the ring.

That’s right. I’m 145 right now, don’t even need to cut weight. As a matter of fact, as I write this, i’ve got a bottle of Chianti and some bolognese right beside me. And i’m gonna finish the whole damn thing. Because I finish everything I do.

As long as i’m able to sit down and watch the replay through my shattered orbital, i’m down to clown.

Zabit, let’s do it. James, let’s do it. Dana, i’ll fight you for free.

I’ll even fight all 7 foot 400 pounds of Nate Diaz if I have to. I’m gonna make the UFC great again. Not tomorrow, not next week, today.


Now where’s a gym?

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