Nathan Reddy Puts His Title On The Line

Nathan Reddy Takes on Randall Ray for the Light Heavyweight Crown

Nathan Reddy Defends His Title at UFN 14

The Australian MMA community has grown massively within the last couple years and even in the recent months. Several fighters have burst onto the scene and made names for themselves on the regional circuit. And Nathan Reddy is one of the many that benefit from that growth.

The light heavyweight has earned big fights on the local scene including capturing the UFN title back in December. And now, he’ll get an opportunity to defend that crown against one of the longer-tenured Aussie big men at UFN 14 this weekend. For Nathan Reddy, this is a massive step in his career. This was the goal and just 6 fights into his pro career, he’s captured it.

“When you first start fighting, i’m looking at the light heavyweights and you’re like ‘who’s the number one pro?’ Even though he wasn’t first in the rankings, he was the most active when I first started…so put the belt aside, i’m just happy that i’ve reached my goal of reaching him.”

Randall Ray has been a part of the Australian MMA landscape since before Reddy’s first amateur bout, making him the big dog in the park. But it’s Nathan Reddy’s time to shine here.

Reddy’s Path to His First Title Defense

When you look at Nathan Reddy’s record, you might think his ascent has been quick and to the point. After all, his 5-1 pro mark has led to a title defense against one of the more notable fighters in Australia, Randall Ray. But what you may not see, is the experience he gained on the amateur scene prior to his entrance on the main stage.

His 6-fight amateur career offered him his first opportunities to compete at a high-level. And he passed with flying colors. But beyond that, Nathan Reddy gained invaluable experience that he’s able to carry with him in his first title reign.

“The more fights you have, you can evolve every single time. Obviously there’s certain game plans you got to stick to with some people…and sometimes you have to step outside the box and that helps you grow.”

That growth has shown in the cage.

“The Vanilla Gorilla” has carefully crafted himself into a high-level, aggressive fighter capable of finishing the fight by whatever means necessary. And his fights on the amateur circuit have facilitated that success. Growth is key in mixed martial arts. And Reddy has improved every single time he steps onto the canvas.

That all culminates this weekend in his first defense of his UFN title.

His Fight With Randall Ray

This weekend at UFN 14, Nathan Reddy has an opportunity to establish himself as the best light heavyweight in Australia. He has grown tremendously since his first career loss one year ago and will now look to bring it all together. But is there any added pressure for Reddy headed into the biggest fight of his career?

“Not really, i thought there would be, but I just feel like i’m fighting for a belt again….this is gonna be my third title fight in three fights…it’s the same thing to me.”

Same for him, but a bit different for Ray. It’s been over 2 years since his last fight in mixed martial arts. So, we ask the age old question, will ring rust be a factor in this fight?

“I think he’ll be fine, I don’t think there will be a lot of ring rust, he’s done a lot of boxing and if i’m not doing mma, i’ll have boxing fights as well and it really keeps the ring rust off.”

Nathan Reddy wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s in search of a test. One he hasn’t faced in the cage thus far. Not just a test of skill of which he’s come out on top far more often than not, but one where his will is challenged. Reddy will have to push himself past his breaking point to come out on top this weekend. That’s what he wants and that’s what he’ll get.

“I don’t want a half-assed Randall Ray, I know he’s gonna come bring his game and that’s what everybody wants. I want the crowd to be happy with this fight. This is a fight for the crowd.”

Urban Fight Night 14

It’s a theme we see repeated on the Australian regional scene.

These guys aren’t out there to drag a win out of lesser opponents. Fighters like Reddy want real challenges from the top competitors within his division. But that’s not all he’s in search for, he wants a real fight. No judges will be necessary in his ideal world.

“I’m either getting knocked out or i’m gonna try and get the knockout and that’s the way we go.”

Oh baby we’re in for it aren’t we. This is the Nathan Reddy I want to see. So everyone cancel your plans this weekend, this is far more pressing. We’ve got a serious fight on our hands ladies and gentleman. Respect the violence.

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