Mitch Martin Defends His Crown at Eternal 30

Mitch Martin Hopes to Retain His Title at Eternal 30

So we’ve covered one half of the Eternal MMA 30 main event this weekend. The challenger will look to secure yet another regional title after taking down 2 others. But now it’s the champions turn. Mitch Martin, enters into his second title defense on Saturday and a win would go a long way in selling his potential to the masses.

His undefeated record has led to a fight with one of the biggest names in bantamweight that Australia has to offer. With that, comes loads of opportunity.

Win and the rub becomes all too real. Especially if the victory comes as thrillingly as his previous contests.

How Did He Get Here?

It didn’t take long for Mitch Martin to find himself battling for a belt on the regional circuit.

Just two fights into his MMA career, Martin caught the eye of Eternal and was offered the chance to fight for their bantamweight crown. The opportunity came after a long 2 year layoff from professional competition and tested the skill of the up and comer. But at just 45 seconds of the second round, Martin’s dream of becoming a champion in Australia came to fruition.

An overwhelming performance forced a stoppage due to strikes and all of Australia was forced to pay close attention.

Not long after the fact, his first title defense came against top contender Tyrell Hogan but as the opponent’s changed, the results remained the same. A TKO in the third round allowed Mitch Martin to sit atop the division for a while longer and lay claim to his assertion that he is the best bantamweight in the country.

But that title never comes without disputation. There will always be another opponent. And this time, the opponent will be the most talented competitor the champ has ever had to face.

The Match-up at Eternal 30

We’ve done our write up on “Kewlbonez” and he’s quite the test. With 18 professional fights and 7 title shots on the regional circuit, he is by far the most experienced opponent Mitch Martin has come up against.

Martin himself has only 4 MMA fights to his record and his opponents haven’t been particularly seasoned either.

To date, of his 4 fights, only one has had more than two fights in the lead up to their meeting. Tyrell Hogan had 4, Mick Addison had 2, Ryan Robertson was debuting and Kaan Ofli had just one. That’s a total of 7 pro fights amongst his opponents and Chris “Kewlbonez” Morris has more than doubled that in his career.

Not to fear though. Mitch Martin has experienced his share of adversity. All fighters have, that’s what makes them willing to step into the cage. It’s a mixture of confidence and stupidity that allows a grown man to put himself in such a vulnerable position. And in an odd twist of fate, Martin’s lack of experience may just help him in this fight.

Are you familiar with the phrase, ‘ignorance is bliss’. I’m certain you are.

Well perhaps it’s true in this case. Nerves won’t get to Mitch Martin this weekend. Not because he’s just that damn stoic, but because he doesn’t know any better. He doesn’t necessarily realize how nervous he should be because all of his experience has been in the ‘whooping ass and taking names’ department.

And he won’t expect that to end at Eternal 30. Because when the champ walks into the cage, so does his skill.

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