Live Blog: UFC 223 Weigh In Mayhem

Max Holloway Ruled Unfit for UFC 223

This is unreal.

This week has been cataclysmic for the UFC starting on Sunday and of course now ending today. Max Holloway has been deemed medically unfit to perform this weekend against Khabib Nurmagomedov which means the main event is no longer.

Yep, no questions about that report. When you hear it straight from Dana’s mouthpiece, you know it to be true. Now I sit here wondering why this had to happen. Why not allow Max to make a catchweight? Why not pull a lightweight like Kevin Lee or Justin Gaethje from their main event slots and put them in here.

Yes some FS1 cards would have been destroyed, but long live the pay-per views!

I mean really we should have expected this. I couldn’t have ever imagined a week like this. From the initial pull-out of Tony to the bus attacks by Conor and now this. I’m in shock.

By the way, remember this interview with George Lockhart who said the weight cut would be routine?

Yeah that didn’t age well.

I’m pissed, annoyed, confused, hurt, sad all of the rest. UFC 223 was easily the biggest card of the year and now we’re left with…..with…..


Is that Anthony Pettis’ music?!?!?


Anthony Pettis still needs to make weight.

At this point, it wouldn’t shock me if he slips in the sauna and has to be rushed to the hospital. Would really only delay his trip by a day considering Khabib would maul him. But good on him to try and step up and “save” this card. As if it could be saved.

BTW, if Anthony Pettis makes weight, takes the fight and wins the belt back after everything he’s been through the past few years; they would need to begin principle photography on a UFC 223 documentary immediately.

Craziest week in MMA just got crazier.

Loco with an excellent suggestion.

Excellent summary of the week’s events by the man in the hat.


A woman with short blonde hair claiming to be a member of the NYSAC confirms report and says Max is medically unfit. I’m working to confirm if she is in fact a member or simply a McGregor plant in an effort for him to hold on to his coveted crown.

The illuminati is real people, keep your head on a swivel. I’m woke to this.

Okay,,,,she just came back and announced the exact same thing, verbatim. She’s a cyborg–confirmed. Conor has really gone off the deep end this time.


“Ragin’ Al” wants the fight with Khabib.

Campaigning hard according to Ariel Helwani. Definitely not down with that. If this Iaquinta x Felder fight falls off the table due to these events, i’ll riot. No question about it.

Holloway breaks his silence after being pulled.

Now we’re working against time.

Just over a half hour before the end of early weigh-ins. Pettis is negotiating with the UFC to figure all this out. If he can’t make weight or won’t agree to take the fight, this card would turn into a disaster. Likely pulling Felder x Iaquinta off or Khabib.

Help us Anthony Pettis….you’re our only hope!


2o minutes remain until the UFC 223 early weigh ins are over.

Still unsure if Pettis is actually gonna take this fight or not, but if he is. it’s gotta happen like right now. Not sure if the NYSAC allows the whole hour extra after the initial weigh in thing, but if not–Pettis needs to step his game up.

Frankly who could blame him, my guess is he’s getting paid some portion of his purse based on how he lost out on his initial fight. Who wants to get smashed by Khabib for the same amount of money as he’d get by sitting on the couch?

John Morgan of MMAJunkie is speculating that Pettis would have an extra 2 hours if he came on the scale and missed weight initially. Now confirmed by Marc Ratner: he would get an extra 2 hours. That won’t matter if he doesn’t weigh in within 10 minutes.

Pettis weighs in at 155.2

In order for the title fight to hold, he’s got to lose the last .2 lbs. But it does appear we have ourselves a fight. He’s got two more hours to make the weight and it looks like he’ll be able to do so.



The commission just packed up the scale and left.

What the hell was that? No statement, no wink, nothing? I guess Pettis isn’t weighing in again which means they may be going with either Felder or Iaquinta. Or is Pettis just gonna roll with that and have no opportunity to win the belt himself? Maness spreading, depression setting in.

I don’t know what is happening, but this is borderline a comped pay-per view card.

UFC now confirming that Pettis will not be weighing back in.

Apparently now Pettis may not be stepping in. Maybe just weighed in to get his show money just like Caceres and Moreno did. Not sure why he wouldn’t want to fight. Then again i’m not the one that would have to step in on 24 hours notice to fight a known savage. Can’t blame him I guess.

But UFC 223 is quickly becoming a solid FOX card.

Should be noted that Felder came in at championship weight so he may be the easiest option for the UFC IF they want to make it happen. Hell maybe even throw Pettis and Iaquinta together in the mean time.


Craziness incoming….

We’ve got ourselves a fight! What a stud that Paul Felder is, stepping up on a day’s notice to fight for the title. This would be legend…..wait for it…..


I mean let’s be honest; they should definitely be concerned, but not because of the rankings. However it would be hilarious if this stupid rankings system devised by the UFC came back and bit them in the ass.

There it is.


Just a rumor, but the latest seems to be that Pettis would not be cleared by the commission either. Not sure how they could make that assessment, but nevertheless they have. If this is true, Iaquinta would probably not be cleared either and Khabib would be off the card.

We do still have another spectacular title fight that could be elevated to main event status, but at this point it’s being overshadowed massively.


Looks like we’ve got ourselves some resolution.

Ragin’ Al! New York’s finest! A guy who didn’t have a name placard at the UFC 223 media day yesterday gets the shot at Khabib. The fight is, for whatever reason, still playing as the main event ahead of the Rose x JJ rematch.

Anthony Pettis and Paul Felder will not be competing on the card as they are teammates at Roufusport and would not agree to fight each other.

I would have preferred Pettis get the shot just so we keep the Felder x Iaquinta fight together, but alas no dice.

As a note:

Al Iaquinta can NOT win the title tomorrow night. Weighed in at 155.2 and without the foresight to make championship weight, he would be over and ineligible for a title.

However, if Al Iaquinta manages to pull this off, i’d consider it the largest upset in the UFC’s history and would consider him the champ nevertheless.

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