Matt Vaile: Road to the UFC

"The Viper" will be in the UFC in no time

Matt Vaile has a clear path to the UFC

Australasia has never been more loaded with talent on the MMA scene. Martin Nguyen, Issac Hardman and Tai Tuivasa, just to name a few, have helped explode the mixed martial arts scene in the region. But new talented prospects are constantly exposing themselves and Matt Vaile has joined the list. And after his welterweight title defense at XFC last week, he’s made his case for a shot at the top.

His Resume

Obviously, Matt Vaile currently holds the belt in one of Australia’s premier promotions, XFC. His welterweight title has been in tow since early last year and he’s strung together 4 title defenses on his way to becoming one of the best welterweights in the area. His lone loss to Benny Alloway came by way of a close but unanimous decision, though it’s hardly a blemish on his record. In fact, it’s quite the contrary.

He gained an enormous amount of experience in that fight, going 15 minutes with a 24-fight veteran and former UFC welterweight. And it marked the beginning of his carnage in XFC. Since then, he’s 4-0 with 3 knockouts and holds wins over highly touted contenders like Andrew Mills, Brogan Anderson and David Francis. The challenges have not been easy.

But, you wouldn’t know that watching him fight.

And now with a 9-1 professional record and a belt with his name on it, the UFC will come calling soon. And it will have been well deserved. Matt Vaile has taken the road less traveled. Fighting the best of the best in Australasia rather than padding records against sub-par talent. He wants to create a legacy that he can stand by with confidence. And the UFC is a part of that. So watch out welterweights.

His entrance will be loud.

Inside the cage

I really love Matt Vaile’s style. And if you’re a fight fan, you’ll love it to. His pressure is unrelenting, his right hand is blistering and his footwork is sly. He slams his leg kicks in with ill intent and swarms a damaged opponent like a moth to a flame. In short, the guy comes to fight. His wrestling needs work but again, whose wrestling couldn’t improve? And with just 10 fights under his belt, the developments are coming at a break-neck pace.

However, against Brogan Anderson, his top game showed signs of brutal life. After stuffing a takedown and landing hard shots in the guard, he was stood up after an illegal knee landed. But just seconds later, the fight found it’s way on the mat once more, where Matt Vaile landed merciless elbows until the referee was forced to save Anderson from his captor.

And against Andrew Mills, he showed the heart of a champion. Likely down 2-0 headed to the third after a couple of grappling heavy rounds, Vaile stayed composed and when his opportunity arose, he dove right on it. After backing Mills to the cage and forcing him to circle on to his right hand, Matt Vaile landed two hard right hooks and dispatched him on the ground for yet another TKO victory.

It’s composure that separates champions from the everyman. Can you be pushed to the brink, stare down the bottom of the barrell and laught in spite of it? Probably not. But Matt Vaile can. And he will every damn time.

The UFC beckons

And Matt Vaile will answer the call.

The future is bright. At just 26 years of age and with the entire fight game in front of him, the bright lights of the biggest stage in combat sports looms. But if you think that might intimidate him, think again. He’s got his eye firmly on the belt and in a couple years time, it just may be his. After seeing Robert Whittaker take down the first UFC belt for Australasia, it no longer seemed like an impossibility.

Not that it ever felt that way to Vaile. Nevertheless, he will look to repeat that success in the world’s top promtion, given that he recieves that opportunity. Which let’s face it, it’s an inevitability.

And it will likely come soon. The UFC returns to Australia on February 11th of next year when they visit Perth for UFC 221. And if history tells us anything, they will look to fill the card from top to bottom with local talent. It’s the perfect time for “The Viper” to make his debut. All that’s left to decide is who he will face. But of course, that part doesn’t really matter.

Just give them enough time to find a lunch pail big enough to bring with them.


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