Martin Nguyen vs Bibiano Fernandes is Official and I’m Losing My Mind

It all goes down March 24th

Martin Nguyen Will Go for his 3rd Title in ONE

Good. Googly. Moogly. It’s happening. Martin Nguyen vs Bibiano Fernandes is official.

And I’m rapidly losing my skull.

On March 24th, in Bangkok, it goes down.And on the line would be unprecedented history that would inspire generation after generation of martial artists to emulate. 3 titles is the goal and he’s almost there.

Martin Nguyen captured the lightweight title just 1 month ago after a knockout of the former champion, Eduard Folayang. It was sensational. Add to that his simultaneous holding of the featherweight world title after taking it from Marat Gafurov and we’ve got a champ-champ on our hands. But, Martin Nguyen is not satisfied just yet. He wants more. And greed, while typically frowned upon, has driven him to pursuing heights in the sport never yet dreamed of.

When Conor McGregor became the first simultaneous dual-weight champion in UFC history, we praised him. His ability to overcome adversity and continually strive for more bordered the psychotic. But what Martin Nguyen has planned for next year makes him look like an under-achieving burn-out. You’d have to be clinically insane to think you could pull of such a feat. OR. Perhaps, to look at what Martin Nguyen has accomplished in the past 6 years and still doubt him is the surest sign of mental frailty.

Pick against him if you must. But remember, I love saying I told you so.

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The Fight

So, on March 24th of next year, history will be in clear sight. Just a maximum of 25 minutes would separate us from a world dominated by the martial arts musings of Martin Nguyen. But the road to greatness is paved by tenacity. And tenacious he must be to get past his latest test inside the ONE cage.

Bibiano Fernandes is one of the most dominant champions in the world. He’s held the title since his initial interim bid in 2013. One unification bout and 6 title defenses later, he’s become an incredibly respected martial artist and one of the biggest names in ONE. Needless to say, he’s no joke.

But, Martin Nguyen is hardly intimidated. And I’m inclined to believe he’s the man to disrupt this reign.

Now, I always hear people say….so and so champion has had his time, but that’s over and it’s mine *yada yada yada*

It’s annoying at best and mind-numbingly ignorant to it’s core. WHEN, Martin Nguyen wins, it will not be for some fragile reason like, Bibiano is a bit older or a bit slower. It will be because Martin Nguyen is simply a better fighter. It’s difficult to wrap your head around but it’s simply true. So I don’t want to hear the “he’s had his time speil”. Because it doesn’t matter when this fight would have taken place. Move it back 5 years to Bibiano in his so-called “prime” and Martin still wins.

And don’t take this as disrespect. I’m a Bibiano supporter. And in my eyes, this “gap” in talent between ONE and the UFC disappears when discussing fighters like Bibiano. He’s a top 5 bantamweight in that promotion, no problem. But Martin Nguyen is better. I’m telling you. And he’ll win because of that fact. Enough with the excuses.

It’s Going Down!

So, there it is.

Champion vs Champ-Champ. The biggest fight in the history of ONE is before us and I for one cannot contain my child-like enthusiasm. It’s consuming me. In, a frighteningly augmented way. It’s growing inside of me like the gorilla glue I accidently swallowed last night and I’m sure to burst at the seams.

I’m mystified. Like a tourist watching a street magician.

I’m tantalized. Like a cat watching a laser pointer.

And come March 24th I’ll be immobilized. Like a retiree on his back porch.

Watching the action.


Oh sweet mary, It’s gonna be wild.


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