Kitt Campbell Defends His Belt at Hex 13

Campbell defends his belt against Matt Vaile

Kitt Campbell Defends at Hex 13

When Kitt Campbell and Matt Vaile step into the cage at Hex Fight Series 13, it will represent two of the best welterweights in Australia facing off to decide who reigns supreme. Welterweight remains one of the deepest divisions in the nation and these two head the rankings.
But for Kitt Campbell, even more is at stake. It’s not simply a title fight nor a rankings grab. The fight offers him an opportunity to establish himself as a major promotional contender. After all, this fight is the apex of the local scene. After Hex Fight Series 13, unconquered territory will be hard to find. So greener pastures may be beyond the local circuit. The UFC, ONE and Bellator will have their eyes on this fight March 23rd.
Big stage to say the least. But that’s for others to concern themselves with. As of now, Kitt’s got a fight on his hands. And if all goes well, blood will accompany it.

Campbell’s Path To Hex 13

Watching Kitt Campbell fight forces you to assume he made his way to MMA through boxing or muay thai, possibly a street-fight or two. His tenacity inside the cage lends credence to the belief that he gives very little fucks about his health and well-being. The man is a devastating finisher. However his roots in martial arts are planted deep within the ground. Both literally and metaphorically.

“That’s where my career first started in martial arts. I used to compete nationally in judo.”

The revelation comes as a surprise for a couple of reasons.

#1: What psychopath would choose to stand and trade with guys when their superior skills on the ground would carry them over. Answer: a special kind like Kitt Campbell.

#2: Not many judo-based fighters have made it to the top of the sport. We see wrestlers, thai boxers, jiu jitsu champions but not many judokas.

The fact he found his way to made his way to MMA through that particular martial art is a bit shocking. But at this point it hardly matters. With an 8-2 record and a belt matching it, he could come from a circus background if it suited him. For now he loves to strike, especially when the result is destructive.

“So my forte is grappling but over the years i’ve come to love my striking so I really just want to knock everyone out now.”

He’ll get that opportunity with Matt Vaile at Hex 13. They might not see eye to eye now. But come fight night, they will agree on one thing. The center of the cage is where they will determine who the best welterweight in Australia is.

Kitt Campbell vs Matt Vaile

So we know where this fight will play out. At least we’ve got a damn good hunch. Both men love a good scrap and one half of the main event recognizes the similarities in their respective approaches. But it certainly hasn’t fazed Campbell.

“We’re both pretty similar style. I just believe I’ve got the skills to do him over.”

When styles negate each other, it’s only naturally for crisp execution to pull one fighter towards the winner’s circle. For Kitt, he feels he’s got the upper hand.

“He’s gonna experience something completely different in there. I’m going to be hitting with intention to kill everytime…I’m gonna be something he’s never had to deal with before.”

Sweet jesus that’s not a man I would fret with. Tread lightly when you’re locked in a cage with “The Killer”. His MO is a brutal right hand and he’s looking for his next victim. His grappling background offers no relief to his opponents. And for Matt Vaile, cause for concern would be the appropriate sentiment.

Fight Implications at Hex 13

The title of best welterweight in Australia may well be on the line when these two meet March 23rd. The reason being that both men hold titles in major regional circuits with wins over big names in the division. For this bout, Campbell’s belt in Hex will be on the line. But make no mistake, there’s a hell of a lot more at stake here than a shiny, gold belt.

“We’re two top guys so we’re gonna battle it out for that #1 spot. We’re both hungry. Everyone knows where we both want to be and that’s the UFC. And this is where we’re gonna have to do it to prove who deserves it.”

Yes, Kitt Campbell has his eye on the UFC and for good reason. He holds an impressive 4 fight win streak with 3 first round KO’s gracefully shoved in there. But he understands the importance of this fight with Matt Vaile. Win and he’s likely found himself a new home. Lose and he’ll have to watch his former adversary move forward. However the latter of the two scenarios does not come into play for Kitt Campbell. For the champ, confidence is never at a shortage.

“I’m not letting my title got to him. I’m not gonna let him beat me.”

The strong confidence of a man in the midst of realizing a dream. Nothing beats regional MMA. But for Kitt Campbell, the national scene is what he wants next.

The Stage is Set

March 23rd at Hex Fight Series 13, Kitt Campbell will put his belt on the line against Matt Vaile. The winner will not only earn a second strap on the regional circuit (symbolic or otherwise). They will garner attention from the biggest MMA promotions in play.

At welterweight, there will be no bigger name in Australia. To the victor goes the spoils.

Kitt Campbell finds himself in a confidence-inducing situation headed into the cage. A 4 fight win-streak under his championship belt and 6 solid finishes will bolster that feeling. But what’s to come after all is said in done weighs lightly on his mind. His concentration lies squarley on the fight at hand. What spawns from the result is merely icing on the cake.

“I believe me and Matt are at the top of the rankings in Australia at the moment and this will solidify that #1 spot…my aim now is to get that win and take it from there.”

Tune in for this one folks. A good time will be had by all.


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