“Kewlbonez” Is Coming For the Belt at Eternal 30

Chris “Kewlbonez” Morris Goes For Gold This Weekend

This weekend at Eternal 30, Chris “Kewlbonez” Morris challenges Mitch Martin’s status as bantamweight king.

The fight pits two top-5 Aussie’s against each other and will surely make for a compelling fight on the Gold Coast. But Morris hopes he is the man to come away victorious. A former 2-time Aussie MMA champion in his own right, the man they call “Kewlbonez” has found his way back to the title after a jaunt in China at Rebel FC 6. The loss broke his 4-fight win streak but not his will.

And when Morris had the opportunity to capture his third belt on the regional scene, he dove on it. Now, here we are.

5 days out from his main event slot on Eternal’s return to Southport, “Kewlbonez” is ready and waiting. Waiting for his chance to mix it up with one of the very best bantamweights Australia has to offer.

Will he come out on top?

Or will the champ continue his dominant run through his challengers?

The Experience Is On The Side of “Kewlbonez”

This is not an unfamiliar spotlight for Chris Morris to be under. 7 years as a professional fighter have molded the challenger into a hardened veteran with an ability to handle the pressure that goes along with the attention.

But a wise man once said, “It’s not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years.”

So, let’s take a look at the life in those 7 years of pro MMA. High level fighters like ACB flyweight Shannon McClellan and ONE title challenger Reece McLaren have shared the cage with “Kewlbonez”. And that experience has carried over into a second act that has yielded great success. But it’s not simply the fighters Morris has had to face, it’s the spotlight he’s been forced to perform under.

7 regional title fights have accompanied the 7 years “Kewlbonez” has endured in the pro ranks. For comparisons sake, his opponent, Mitch Martin, has 4 fights under his belt. Yes, that’s right.

Chris Morris has count them, 3 more title fights in his rearview than Martin has fights. But it’s not enough to lean on the difference in experience two adversaries share. One must perform when it counts the most. And at Eternal 30, only one man can walk out victorious.

His Run to the Title

It’s one thing to have experience, it’s another to grow with that experience. For “Kewlbonez” learning is what he does best. That fact becomes clear as a bell just by looking at his resume. A 7-6 start to his career along with 4 losses in title fights made it difficult to see a way up for the, at times, struggling Morris. But persistence has made many a career and “Kewlbonez” was not to be denied.

In fact, that makes his run towards the title far more rewarding than ordinary.

And after Morris returned from his 18 month layoff, the young bantamweight rattled off 4 consecutive wins with a couple of finishes in his pocket and a pair of gold belts around his waist. Now, after fighting internationally for the first time in his career, “Kewlbonez” returns to where it all started, the Gold Coast.

Here, he will attempt to take down his third regional title and knock Mitch Martin from the ranks of the unbeaten. Will it be easy, absolutely not. But who wants easy?

There’s nothing that “Kewlbonez” loves more than a good scrap and on March 3rd, he’ll have one in his midst.


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