HEX Fight Series CEO Trent James Speaks On The Australian MMA Explosion, Jimmy Crute

Trent James is the CEO of HEX Fight Series, one of the fastest growing promotions in the Eastern Hemisphere.

The organization recently wrapped up its thirteenth show and it was undeniably a success. Two title fights, highlight reel finishes and stars in the making were all very apparent during the event.

James started this promotion to raise the bar in Australia and he has been living up to his promise.

“I think the scene is exploding. MMA in Australia is the biggest it has ever been. And it is progressively getting bigger and bigger. I think the talent of the Australian fighters is reaching another level.”

In this exclusive interview, Trent James spoke with John Hyon Ko about the reasons for starting HEX Fight Series, Australian MMA booming, many fighters deserving a UFC contract, working more with TOP Fighting Championship (South Korea) in the future and more.

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