Hex Fight Series 13’s Darwin Sagurit: “I Love To Fight And Knock Out People”

Whoever said that lower weight class fighters do not possess power has not met Australian Top Team staple Darwin Sagurit.

The 36-year-old BRACE Bantamweight Champion has been on a tear as of late, knocking out three in a row in the first round. Looking back at his last performance at Hex Fight Series 11 against UFC veteran Roldan Sangcha-an will show people that he does not play when he enters that cage.

“Sugar” will seek to extend his winning streak to four when he faces South Korean striker Jung-Hyun Ahn at Hex Fight Series 13 in Melbourne, Australia on March 23.

John Hyon Ko spoke with him about how he overcame the rough start to his career, getting a huge win over a UFC vet, fighting in different weight classes, sacrificing time with family to accomplish his dream, the fighters in the UFC that would be great matchups, and more.

Notable Excerpts from the interview:

John Hyon Ko: You started off [career] with BRACE. You lost two in a row. At that moment what kept you going?

Darwin Sagurit: “Just made me more hungry. It made believe that there is something in there that I can compete and get better in. It was just like a challenge for me. I kept doing what I wanted to do and followed through.”

John Hyon Ko: When you got that win [against Roldan Sangcha-an at Hex Fight Series 11] how did you feel?

Darwin Sagurit: “It was great! I was really proud of myself. I trained really hard for that fight so I got the results. You train hard for what you get.”

John Hyon Ko: Your next fight is at bantamweight so are you going back down to flyweight?

Darwin Sagurit: “If talks of me going down to flyweight, say for example in the UFC, I could go down to flyweight. But I would prefer bantamweight. I’m not a very big guy. I like bantamweight, with bigger guys and stronger people. More challenge for me than smaller guys.”

John Hyon Ko: Is it now the time for you to get some wins and get to the UFC?

Darwin Sagurit: “I’m hoping that. That’s part of my dream. It’s changed from winning a couple of belts to let’s get somewhere with this. I sacrificed all my family time. I got four kids at home. I sacrificed a lot of time away from my kids and from my wife to try to pursue something in this support. See what happens. Work hard and dig deep.”

John Hyon Ko: You found out your opponent maybe two weeks before the fight. Do you like that better or do you want to know who you are going to fight a month out?

Darwin Sagurit: “It doesn’t matter who I fight really. I’d like to fight the people in the UFC that’s what really matters. Demetrious Johnson. I’d like to fight them but I got to get through these other little people before I get there.”

John Hyon Ko: When you go there [UFC]. Who would you like to fight?

Darwin Sagurit: “That guy that fought Demetrious Johnson. William or Wilson? (*Wilson Reis) He is sort of similar to my look and my height, I thought it would be a mad fight between me and him, even “Ben 10” (Ben Nguyen). T.J. Dillashaw, I reckon, he ain’t even that good.

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