Hex Fight Series 13 Overview

Full Overview of Hex 13 this Friday

Oh boy do we have a card for you. Hex 13 is an utter masterpiece painted by the Aussie MMA gods themselves.

Their centerpiece? A super-fight between current champ, Kitt “The Killer” Campbell and XFC welterweight king Matt “The Viper” Vaile for the distinction of the best welterweight in the land. The stakes are high, but the fight itself will send you to the moon. Two savages with finishes littering their resume will collide in a fight of epic proportions. It’s absolute can’t miss stuff.

Speaking of brutes, in the co-main event Hex 13 features the ultimate “Brute”–light heavyweight champ Jim Crute. The undefeated king of the division will put his belt on the line for the second time as he faces Asia’s toughest challenge, Doo Hwan Kim. With a win, the champ may be staring down the barrel of a UFC shotgun with a contract attached to the shell.

But wait, there’s more!

John Vake returns in an effort to get his name back into title contention with a win over Jun Yong Park. Just a fight removed from his loss to main event feature, Kitt Campbell, Vake seeks revenge in the form of a second chance. He’ll have to hurry though, bigger promotions are lurking.

And finally, ATT contender and former BRACE bantamweight champion, Darwin Sagurit will square off with another South Korean prospect, Jung Hyun Ahn. With three consecutive first round KO’s to his name, “Sugar” Sagurit has a chance to really make his mark at Hex 13.

The Main Event of the Evening

I cannot stop thinking about this bout right here. It’s got everything you could want in a regional MMA fight.

Two champions from separate organizations fight for one title and the chance to be signed by a major promotion straight away. Ultimately, that’s the situation the main-eventers are in. Either Matt Vaile or Kitt Campbell, with a win, would establish themselves as the best welterweight in Australia (s/o Theo Christakos who would obviously disagree). However, a victory would carry that distinction nevertheless.

Consequently, once the best welterweight is determined and the second belt is metaphorically draped around the victor, the UFC will be calling. These two have already drawn interest from the world’s premier combat sports promotion and a big fight like this one would only increase that attention. Now, onto the fight.

Kitt Campbell is riding high on a four fight win streak and has just one decision in that run. With three first round KO’s and six finishes overall, Campbell is as dangerous as they come. He’s feeds off the weakened opponent and shuts the lights off before they can beg for forgiveness. He’s an animal, but his prey just got a whole lot bigger.

Because Matt Vaile is no wounded gazelle. He’s “The Viper” and he’s no stranger to danger. He’s fought killers like Brogan Anderson and Andrew Mills before and come out on top. Of his nine wins, eight have come via stoppage, upping the ante on a potentially violent collision in the main event.

But that’s exactly what these two want. The body craves contact and they’re about to get it.

Jim “The Brute” Crute

If we’re talking about a legitimate manimal, Jim Crute is the next logical talking point.

With just two years of professional MMA experience, Crute has already captured the HEX title and accrued an undefeated six fight career. With that came four first round finishes and a win over UFN champ, Nathan Reddy. As you can expect, he too has drawn significant interest from the UFC and with a win, could get that call.

But let’s slow down, he’s got a serious fight on his hands at Hex 13.

You may not be familiar with Doo Hwan Kim, but that is no indictment on his career. At 9-4, Kim may not have the hype behind him that Crute does, or the stellar win-streak, but he does have experience. He’s competed in top promotions like Cage Warriors, M-1 and ACB while taking on the best fighters ahead of him. He’s down for a challenge. He better be fighting Jim Crute.

Crute is dangerous and the worst part, he’s still learning. Under the tutelage of Sam Greco, he’s grown into a serious champion with aspirations of greatness. We’ve seen several Aussie’s take on the world stage at a young age and “The Brute” may be next. But he’s got to keep winning.

This Friday, he’s got one more opportunity to do just that.

John Vake vs Jun Yong Park

After dropping his first shot at Hex gold, John Vake needed a fresh coat of paint.

His fight with Stephen Walton offered just that and earned him a much needed victory. With double under-hooks, Vake hit an outside trip which sent Walton to the canvas and allowed the Kiwi to work his top game. Shots from the back opened Walton up and as he turned to re-guard, that’s when Vake capitalized. A sharp arm-triangle choke ended the dominant performance and put him back on track. But Jun Yong Park hopes to derail this train once more.

Jun Yong Park is not the type of guy you want on top of you. With heavy elbows and a keen eye for finding finishes, Park will push the pace on Vake and force him to battle back. This won’t be a point by point chess match, it will be a technical scrap with a stoppage looming on the horizon.

The key is in the clinch. We’ve seen Vake have success in chest to chest battles and against Park, he’ll have to continue down that path. Vake is likely more dangerous on the feet which, will cause Park to move inside his shots and look for an opportunity to take him down.

If Vake can control those exchanges and gain the advantageous position, he’ll win. For Park–second verse, same as the first.

The “Sugar” Show

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the very best features on this talent-rich card.

Darwin Sagurit oozes savagery and showcases it every single time he steps into the cage. Yes, a flyweight/bantamweight probably shouldn’t pack the punch of a welterweight, but Sagurit does. It’s kinda fucked up when you think about it. At just 5’4″ he’s the John Lineker of Aussie MMA.

The left hook is thrown with the ferocity of a cold-blooded assassin while his instinct to kill overwhelms every opponent he meets. His vicious drubbing of Roldan Sangcha-an sent a shock wave through the crowd and stole the show. He hopes to do the same this time around.

Of course, Jung Hyun Ahn isn’t interested in being a part of that. The South Korea product has his own plans for “Sugar”. But it doesn’t really matter what he wants.

It’s Darwinism. Only the strong survive in this game and natural selection has already placed Sagurit at the top of the food chain at Hex 13.


Tune in this Friday for Hex 13, you will not want to miss this.

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