Five Aussie’s the UFC Must Sign

Ranking the Five Best Aussie’s Outside of the UFC

The Australian MMA circuit has blossomed over the past couple of years and that has ushered in a new class of top-tier talent. Whether it be in the UFC or ONE, Aussie’s have taken over the national stage, but they aren’t stopping yet. There are loads of talented fighter’s coming up and in a blink of an eye, they’ll join those ranks.

There are, however, many who have rightfully earned contracts yet remain unsigned to those major promotions.

So, i’ve compiled a list.

No it doesn’t include every single Aussie who belongs at the top of the game, that’d be unfair and unreasonable. I’ve narrowed it down to the top five because why the hell not. Seems legit. So why don’t I jump on in and show you guys around. This is the future of Aussie MMA.

#1 Issac Hardman

If you’ve followed this website since the beginning, you know how we feel about Issac Hardman. The documentary our fearless leader Wombat Jones did in the lead-up to his fight with Keiran Joblin was one of the very first things we had done. He was a rising star and now he’s a star.

So why have the UFC not signed him? That has yet to be understood. At 22 years old and with seven knockouts to polish his clean record with, Hardman deserves to stand in the octagon his next time out. And as the owner of the lightweight title in XFC, I reckon he’s the best fighter Australia’s got to offer in that division. With that, has come difficulty.

Fight’s have been notably hard to come by for the “Headsplitter”, driving him to box several weight classes above his own in an effort to remain active. But that should be behind him now. With the Aussie fans behind him and his fists of fury, Issac has earned the right to compete with the very best on the biggest stage. Time to send that contract Dana.

However, there is one unfortunate bit of news that coincides with this post. Hardman has been forced to pull out of his upcoming title defense due to a knee injury suffered near the end of his training camp.

He’ll be sidelined for a bit, but it’s merely a minor setback for a major comeback. “Headsplitter” wants his shot at the top: let him heal up and debut when he’s ready. There is no prospect more exciting.

#2 Jim Crute

We go from an undefeated “Headsplitter” to an undefeated “Brute”. Not sure which one is more intimidating, but i’ll tell ya’, they’re equally as dangerous.

Despite being relatively new in the sport, Jim Crute has dominated the regional circuit and has looked unstoppable in doing so. Through seven career fights, Crute has done nothing but dominate. A pair of submissions over long-time Aussie contender Ben Kelleher and a knockout of current UFN champ has created buzz around the “Brute”. Enough to stamp his ticket to the UFC?

It should be. After just four pro bouts, current light heavyweight contender Tyson Pedro got the call-up from the big boss. Now, he finds himself at #12 in the world and climbing. If you want to see Crute’s career trajectory, look no further than Pedro.

This kid’s the real deal and without many challenges left ahead of him locally, the time is now to take this show to the world stage. There’s interest on both sides of the table. So why not make it happen now? There’s no better time. With the interest he’s generating on the regional circuit, other promotions like ONE will be knocking down his door as well. Don’t let him be the one that got away.

Hit him up.

I can not believe the support i have received. Thank you everyone for the messages of support and packing out the pavilion last night lol Thank you to my sponsors @massnutritionbendigo @physioaus @musclemealsdirect @punishfightgearandnutrition @doncamillocafe this sport is the most challenging path one can take and people like them make it 100× better @hexfs for being the best and most professional fight promotion in the region and going the extra mile for the fighters Thank you to my team @samgreco_k1 @stewiemoulden all the people at training everywhere i train.. its alot of people @michellereevesmrt and @lockloadedmma My family, amazing girlfriend @e__clarke and mates And last but not least my opponent @professionalkim. It was an honour to share the cage with one of the best in the world. Champion inside and outside the cage in every sense of the word. Thank you for the war brother. #signjimmycrute #ufc #mma

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#3 Matt Vaile

There’s a new king of the welterweights in Australia and his name is Matt Vaile. Now i understand Vaile is actually from New Zealand, but he fights on the Aussie circuit so i’m counting it and you guys are just gonna have to deal with it.

After defending the XFC title four times, unprecedented in regional MMA, Vaile set his sights on the HEX championship this past weekend.

And he captured it.

In a fight where the best welterweight in Australia would be determined, Vaile shined and took a unanimous decision along with a brand new belt. The victory extends his streak to five and puts him in line for a shot at the UFC. Now that he reigns over two separate divisions on the regional scene, there is no excuse to deny him that opportunity.

Vaile has defeated the likes of Andrew Mills, Brogan Anderson and David Francis which makes him a tried and true member of the Aussie pound for pound list. Armed with a resume like his, promotions will surely be drooling over the prospect of signing a fighter like Vaile.

But the organization “The Viper” wants to dig his teeth into is the UFC and now that he’s beginning to gain more attention outside of the Australian crowd, his dream could and should come true.

#4 Nathan Reddy

We’ve got Jim Crute at #2.

So if your only loss is to the second best Australian fighter on the regional circuit, you probably deserve a nod as well right? Yes, you do. Nathan Reddy fits that bill and has really hit his stride since falling for the first time in his career. After his run in with the “Brute”, Reddy has pulled off four straight wins and a few finishes to go along with them. Now, with the UFN belt secured around his waist, he’s become a real menace to the division.

Most recently, a dominant performance and fourth round submission over popular contender Randall Ray became the reason he is on this very list.

The title was already in possession, but now that he’s gotten a title defense out of the way it seems he’s Reddy for prime time (you should know, I don’t regret that pun).

As for when, there’s a card scheduled for Singapore in June, that may be a landing spot for several Aussie fighter’s, so why not Reddy as well. If not then, another defense could prime him for a debut at the end of the year. Since 2012, the UFC has come to Australia in the fourth quarter every single year. Why make 2018 any different? Just get him under contract and figure the rest out later.

#5 Darwin Sagurit

I know I said these are the five guys who the UFC should sign: and I do believe Sagurit belongs in that conversation which is why I put him fifth.

The hard-hitting bantamweight prospect wields boulder’s for hands and with four consecutive knockouts, “Sugar” has become must watch. His win at HEX 13 put him on the map for many and now the UFC seems in reach. He’s been compared to popular Brazilian KO artist John Lineker and for damn good reason.

His surprisingly powerful shots are generated from a small frame and his hooks strike fear into every single fighter forced into the cage with him. There is no doubt he could walk onto the card next time the UFC goes down under. But I have an idea for another show he could feature on. Dana White’s Contender Series.

Now, hear me out.

Yes, he could step in and become one of the most dangerous bantamweights in the UFC. However, there would also be a chance he gets lost in the shuffle. That division has become one of the promotions’ most competitive and may force Sagurit to take a back seat to many established pieces.

However, if he were to fight on DWTNCS (rumors say they are bringing in international talent), it would give him the chance to perform on a stage where the spotlight is fixed firmly on him rather than being a part of a larger card. It makes all the sense in the world, just do it.


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