Eternal MMA 33’s Philip Kim Wants The Finish In His Flyweight Championship Clash

Philip Kim, who fights out of Team Perosh Mixed Martial Arts in New South Wales, has quietly risen to prominence on the regional scene in Australia.

Starting out with Taekwondo at a young age and then transitioning to Karate, he is well-versed in the striking department. Eventually, this led to him furthering his martial arts journey by jumping into Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu head first.

After years of training and a maturing passion for competition, he decided to blend all the tools he has developed over the years and try his hand at mixed martial arts.

The Korean-Australian made his professional flyweight debut at Urban Fight Night 10 in early 2017 and successfully choked out Andrew Youssef in just over a minute. Kim, then, continued his winning ways by defeating Mitchell Birkett (UFN 11) and Alby Figueroa (UFN 12).

At the end of that year, he was slated to make his Hex Fight Series debut but Kim suffered a knee injury that put an end to that venture.

A few months later, however, he was offered the biggest opportunity against the much more experienced Shannon Ross for the vacant flyweight title at Eternal MMA 30 on March 3. Unfortunately, his opponent was dropped from the event due to an injury.

“I feel like I’m a martial artist so I always respect my opponents. I got no ill-will towards them, so for me, it’s just competition. I want to test my skills, I want to test your skills. Let’s go in there and give it our best and put on a good fight.”

The vacant flyweight championship title fight was rescheduled for Eternal MMA 33 on April 5 but New Zealand prospect Brayden Graham will step in on the other side instead of Shannon Ross.

In this interview, Philip Kim spoke with John Hyon Ko about his progression into MMA, becoming open-minded by training at a number of locations abroad, having former UFC middleweight Anthony Perosh as a mentor, pushing through the twists of getting the Eternal flyweight title fight together and more.

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