Eternal 30 – Play by play

Eternal 30 play by play

The crowd is starting to file into the Southport Sharks entertainment arena which will see 14 fights tonight. Wombat Jones is cageside to cover the event and will be bringing you live play by play as each fight goes down.


Steve Parry vs Beau Larsen Risk

C class action to start the night off… both boys look in great shape

Round 1 – The boys both start fight throwing combination and Larsen tags him with a right that caugh his attention. Good body work by Steve and he then pushes him against the cage and goes to work more to the body. The guys keep exchanging against the cage right in front of me and BOOM Steve lands a big right hand that buckles Beau and the ref nearly stops it but Beau is tough and gets back to his stance but then cops another big shot by Steve and its over! 2 big right hands close the show 58 seconds into the fight round.

Parry is emotional after the fight taking photos with his team, great finish to start the night of fights.

Mat Myers vs Mack Gorrie

Round 1 – The boys come out really strong and start a grappling exchange, a big leg sweep take down for Mack as he works to take the back and does. great work by Mat to get back to his feet and lands a big a right which drops Mack, Mat swarms and finishes the fight with a few strikes on the ground. Another very fast finish coming just 41 seconds into the very first round.

Mat goes over to check to see if Mack is ok, which thankfully he is up on his feet and the boys are embracing each other. Nothing better than the respect shown between 2 ammys after a fight.

Harris Agovic vs George Dailly

Round 1 – The lad trying to establish range here and Harris has very elusive striking from different angles and creating big problems for George in the opening minute. George is showing good composure and shoots on a single leg but to no avail. He works for another single but this time he gets him down and lands some strikes. Harris gets back to his feet and now the boys are pushed up agains tthe cage. Another high crutch from George but Harris lands a few strikes and makes him let it go. We are definitely into the fight now! Harris lands a nice right hand and narrowly missed a head kick but George is staying in the pocket and seems calm. A lot of strikes being thrown early by Harris and its going to be interesting to see how his cardio holds up. A great round! but one that’s going to be hard to score….luckily I don’t have to worry about that.

Round 2 – The first fight of the night to reach the second round. Harris comes out with a head kick and the boys seem like they have slowed down a tad. A nice left by Agovic but in the exchange  George gets him to the ground and is now working to gain a dominate position but agovic scrambles back to the feet. A few strikes from Harris but then George scores yet another take down and lands in side control. Looks like he is fishing for a submission but isn’t landing any strikes. The boys scramble back to their feet and a great exchange happens as George has him backed up against the cage. Dailly gets his back for a few seconds right at the end of the round…. GREAT ROUND! ROUND OF THE NIGHT

Round 3 – The crowd goes up with shots of Harris Harris Harris 2 clean lefts by George and it looks like harris is in trouble but is fighting back as expected it looks like his gas tank is starting to fail hi and is just covering up. George is landing at will now and piles on the pressure for an amazing victory…what a fight! Even tho George gets the cookies tonight I would say both of them have an amazing future considering it was both their debuts

Mark Richardson vs Luke Davies

Round 1 – Mark comes out swinging a big overhand right but misses, Luke tags him with a left hook as the boys start to get their range pretty early. Strikes exchange but Luke lands another big left hook which opens up a small cut on Richardsons right eye. Mark pushes him up against the fence and is working on a single which he cant get but switches to a body lock and takes him down. Luke tries scrambling but he has landed in full mount. Mark is now piling on the pressure with strikes and is fishing for submissions, he lands a few more big shots and finds the neck and taps him out!

Daniel Ung vs Dan O’rourke

Round 1 – The lads exchange punches with both boys landing, a big right from Dan drops Daniel but he lets him back up to his feet. Daniel looks like he has recovered and the boys try and find range again. The left hook for Dan seems to be connecting nearly every time he is throwing it. Daniel scores with some leg kicks and then drops O’rourke with a big right! Dan gets back to feet and they throw again! WOWWWW this fight is absolute fire. The clacker goes and it looks like they are both happy to see the 2nd round.

Round 2 – another left hook by Dan on the reopening of the round, Daniel throws a 1,2 and narrowly misses..the boys exchange and end up against the fence swinging. They work their way back to the centre of the cage and are starting to slow a touch which is to be expected with the war they have put on so far.  The lads are throwing but the strikes are missing. A cup shot connects and puts a halt on the action momentarily. They restart the action Daniel lands a few leg kicks before Dan lands a nice overhand and it brings an end to the round

Round 3 – Well what a fight so far, I have 0 idea who is winning the fight but I sure am entertained! The ref starts the action and Daniel lands a big right which rocks Dans head backwards and nearly drops him but he just regains his legs and they are back into it. Blood now starting to trickle down the nose of O’rourke and there is a momentarily lull in proceedings. A nice body kick leg kick combination by Daniel. Dan throws a leg kick but Daniel tags him with a counter right. The boys are a combination of sweat and blood now and are still exchanging as the pace comes back up! Dan starts piling on the pressure in the final few seconds…they swing away GREAT FIGHT!!! Fight of the night so far! I have no idea who takes the chocolates but yet again…I am entertained. First fight that goes to the judges and 3 x 29- 28’s to Daniel Ung from Kings Academy.

Ben Shellim vs Jerome Faraimo

Round 1 – Big pop from the crowd for Jerome. Peter Hickmont gets the lads started. Ben shoots straight in on a single but great take defense shown here early by Jerome. Its a wizzer festival up against the fence. Ben is working very very hard for this take down and moves him all the way the other side of the cage right in front of me. relentless pressure here by Ben but Jerome is landing several strikes as he is defending the take down. Ben is STILL! working on the take down right in front of me here . They finally hit the floor but its Jerome who lands in the more dominant position and is now on Bens back. A few more strikes land and the round is over. I have never seen such relentless pressure for a take own in my life.

Round 2 – I am so tired after watching that round I have no idea whats going to be left in the lads tanks. Ben works again for another take down and momentarily gets it but Jerome springs back up. Ben will not let go of him tho! this is grueling to watch. Ben gets him down again and it looks like the signs of the pace are showing on Jerome now. Ben is slowing working his way into mount here and does. Jerome explodes but Ben rides him and takes his back. Jerome bridges and tries to get to his feet but now is coping some strikes as he tries to do so. Ben works him back down to the ground and is throwing strikes trying to open him up. We can see why now he was working so hard for that take down.

Round 3 – Jerome comes out swinging and its not long before Ben is looking for another take down. Up against the fence again the lads get to work…this is an absolute grind. Hickmont hasn’t even thought about standing them up as they are always working to improve position. Ben finally gets him down and starts landing a few strikes. He works his way into full mount and is being a little more methodical about it this time. Ben slips in a quick rear naked but Jerome is not giving up..he is here to fight! Ben is landing more and more now at will and flattens him out. He sinks in the choke and that’s it…Jerome finally taps. Impressive cardio by Ben! I think I burnt off 500 calories watching that.

Casey Murname vs Noah Cooney

Round 1 – The boys touch gloves, Casey lands a solid leg kick to start as they are trying to get their range. Casey pushes Noah up against the fence and they are working it out. Spending are fair amount of time for this take down and Casey lands it for only a second before Noah pops up. The lads exchange now on the feet and Noah gets the better of it from that exchange.Nice body kick lands for Casey and another leg kick.Casey is just moving out of range when Cooney is striking so Noah tries to shoot in and gives up his neck. Casey works on the choke but Noah has the thumbs up and the hooter goes for the end of the round

Round 2- Will have to update , technical difficulties

Round 3- Great fight so far I have it even going in to the last. The lads start of again exchanging with kicks but Noah is pushing forward now and lands another big right hand but boy is Casey tough. They clinch and Casey takes Noahs back for a bit but Noah works his way out again. Noah is really pouring it on now looking for the finish with a barrage of punches. Uppercuts are flying, crosses are flying but still Casey is in it OMGGGGGGGG Casey lands a back spinning fist and now is pouring on the pressure! Noah survives and goes right back to landing big right hands! What a fucking fight! Noah ends the round with 3 big rights AMAZING FIGHT, THAT JUST STOLE FIGHT OF THE NIGHT SO FAR!

Joey Karami vs Boston Caines

Well this is a special fight, as our artist Mon Sneaks’ husband is up in the next fight, Boston Caines.

Round 1 – The lads touch gloves Boston comes out with a body kick and lands a massive right hand which makes Joey shoot . Boston stuffs it and reverses it but a grappling exchange ensues and Joey has ended up in mount. Boston is defending  but eats a couple of shots to get back up to his feet. Joey throws a spinning back fist that narrowly misses and the lads are back to clinching against the cage again. Joey sweeps out Caines’ leg and gets him to the ground again but Boston pops back up. Joey holds onto a single leg but gets whacked by a right hand and is forced to shoot again. Another big take down for Joey and lands in side control. He steps over into mount again and Boston gives up his back trying to escape again…the clacker goes and Joey starts throwing strikes to end the round.

Round 2 –  Joey swings for another spinning back fist which just misses and they are back to clinching. Joey throws some knees that partially land then picks up Boston and dumps him down. Boston gains full guard here now. Joey throws body, body, head but not much doing. Boston throws up a triangle which narrowly misses sticking, but that creates an opening to scramble back up to his feet. Joey pushes him up against the cage looking for another take down and the reg has to separate them this time due to the lack of action. Joey lands a few strikes before the hooter goes

Round 3 – The cage door shuts and I have it 20-18 Joey . He works again against the fence for another take down and gets it. Boston does a good job of controlling posture and not taking too much damage apart from some body shots. Not a lot doing here bu a little bit of separation a few strikes but still not a lot doing and probably should be stood up. Boston works his way back to his feet but gives up his neck in the process. Joey holds on to it for the last few seconds. 30-27 Karami.

Tye Wall vs Corey Lynch

Round 1 – Tye comes out strong and takes down Corey very quickly. Working to gain better position here but Corey is active in his guard and is regaining good position. Tye postures up and lands 2 strikes but then Corey ties him up again and is looking to sweep. Corey gets back to his feet but Tye is not letting go and works feverishly again for another take down. Working for a single right in front of me here and gets it. Corey reverses the position and works into side control but has no time to work for any offense as the hooter goes.

Round 2 – A big body kick and counter right to start the round for the boys but Tye gains another body lock and takes it to the ground. Tye works to side control but is more worried about holding the position and nothing is really doing. Corey explodes to get to his feet but Tye holds on to his neck and drags him back to the ground. North/South position here for Tye but he is a little high and again is holding the position with the occasional strike and Peter Hickmont has no other option but to stand them up. Corey fires up some uppercuts as Tye works again against the fence for another take down and that’s the end of the round. 20-18 Wall

Round 3 – Corey should know whats coming here but he can’t do anything about it as Tye lands yet another take own but this time he is looking more aggressive as he lands now at a more frequent clip. Corey is trying his best to buck and move but Tyes pressure is relentless. Big right hands coming in now from top and it looks as tho Tye has full control at this point in time. The crowd is chanting stand them up but NO WAY should the ref step in as Tye is landing here and totally controlling the fight. Much better GNP from Wall in this round and takes a 10-8 in that round for me.

Mitch Bayliss vs Brandon Stowers

This fight is sure to be fire with the 2 amateurs holding both 3-0 records!!

Round 1 – Brandon lands a massive right at the start of the round and momentarily drops Mitch. Brandon takes him down and has his back and is landing strikes. Mitch’s nose is busted up already and Brandon now works on a RNC and gets it! Wow what a performance. Clean victory for Stowers and certainly one to look for in the future!

Aidan Nowfell vs Time Schultz

Well this fight certainly wins walkout songs of the night, Madonnas Like a Prayer and Blackstreets No diggity! Crowd getting their dance on

Round 1 – The boys come out hard exchanging but then quickly grapple and its a wild affair, they settle into the fight grappling against the cage with the boys trying to gain the advantage but kind of cancelling each other out. They trade knees but no a lot is doing here.Tim was shooting for a take down and Aidan throws up a flying triangle which narrowly misses. Tim tried for another take down but gives up his arm which Aidan takes full advantage of and puts an end to it early in the 1:51 first round

Like a prayer wins the battle.

Dimps Gillies vs Michael Williams (Play by Play to come)

Round 1 –

Round 2

Round 3

Jake Logan vs Jack Tuave

Round 1 – boys touch gloves red starts with a nice leg kick high kick combo and Jake comes back with a teep of his own. Both exchange kicks but then Michael lands a massive right hand and follows it up with another which drops Jake, he follows up with a few more strikes on the ground and its over.

Keiran Cronin vs Andrew Khare

Round 1 – 2 southpaws go at it, no touch! very relaxed start to this one Andrew catches a leg kick and lands a nice 1 2. Another leg kick from Andrew as KC looks to find his range.Inside leg kick from Andrew as he circles around the outside of the cage and eiran has taken the middle. Keiran not really throwing here as Andrew keeps scoring with leg kicks.the boys exchange jabs and then more leg kicks from Khare who is starting to talk to KC. More words between the boys and Andrew is starting to use fancy footwork and is totally outstriking his opponent. Keiren still controlling the cage but not really landing anything to gain the respect. Khare pushes forward with a flurry and finishes the fight with an amazing combination!


Chris Kewlbonez Morris vs Mitch Martin Play by Play to come

Round 1


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