Brogan Anderson Headlines XFC 34

Brogan Anderson is Just One Fight Away From Gold

Around this time last year, Brogan Anderson was preparing for his fight with Ryan Heketa in Hammerhead MMA. One month later, Anderson found himself in line for a shot at his first major Australian title. His opponent, the always dangerous Matt Vaile. Riding high on a fight winning streak, victory seemed like the surest outcome. Unfortunately, life works in mysterious ways.

The title was not his to claim. At two minutes and fifty four seconds of round two, his dreams of capturing gold on that night came crumbling down. He was then at a cross-roads.

Continue down the path and look for his next opportunity. Or manufacture one. You see the greats don’t wait for openings, they create them and take hold. Brogan Anderson is a great fighter and this weekend, he’ll have yet another opportunity to prove that to us. At XFC 34, there are plenty of fights to watch out for, plenty of storylines to unfold and champions to be crowned.

But the main event between Brogan Anderson and Jayden Eynaud will rightfully take center stage. A refined veteran of the Australian regional circuit facing the young and hungry upstart? That has all the makings of a world-class showcase.

This weekend you’ll have plenty of fights to choose from, but I guarantee you this fight right here is not one you want to miss.

Another awesome experience out here @jacksonwink_mma Big thanks to everyone that helps make my stay such a pleasure. And…

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Anderson’s Road to the Middleweight Title

At welterweight, Brogan Anderson was phenomenal.

The Kiwi went 5-1 and dominated the Hammerhead MMA division. Add to that a first round knockout in his XFC debut performance and it was crystal clear why he was given a shot to challenge “The Viper’s” placement at the top. But after about eight minutes of work, it also became abundantly clear that Vaile was leading the welterweight pack.

The win was Vaile’s second defense of a title he has continued to defend to this day. Now a date with a major MMA promotion seems likely.

For Brogan Anderson, he turned his sights back to the middleweight division where he had previously competed back in 2014. With a two fight undefeated resume at the weight class and a smaller regional title at an even heftier division, Anderson decided cutting to welterweight was no longer necessary.

Middleweight would be his home for the foreseeable future and perhaps that change came at the perfect time. In his first fight back, Anderson looked at home, moving comfortably and staying poised as the advancing Rick Alchin searched for the kill shot. Unfortunately, the bout ended somewhat prematurely as a checked kick from Anderson sent his opponent to the mat in agony.

An injury had forced the contest to expire quickly, but the TKO was give to “The Arm Collector” and just like that, he was back in the win column. But that’s not all he earned that night. The vacated middleweight title needed some challengers and Brogan was the man for the job.

The Fight

Brogan Anderson will take the win back at XFC 33, but he’d like his next to come by less controversial means. It was a legitimate TKO finish, but a hard right hand delivering victory would taste a lot sweeter than a lifted leg. With that said, he’ll need to mind his p’s and q’s this weekend if that’s gonna happen. Because Jayden Eynaud is not one to play with.

You may look at Jayden Eynaud’s record and see a 1-0 professional with a high ceiling, but a vast disadvantage in experience. But that’s hardly the case. With a spotless five win amateur record and years and years of training under his belt, Eynaud’s youth is no indictment on his skill or experience level.

That’s not to say Brogan Anderson will be feeding into any of these judgments. He’s well aware of how dangerous any man stepping into the cage can be. That’s why he’s so damn good at dispatching them. Because he’s smart, tactical and aware.

Let's go!!!

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What He Brings to the Cage

Against multi-time cage muay thai champion Michael Badato, Anderson stayed patient on the outside before shooting off a kick from the Filo and landing in side control. From there, “The Arm Collector” began his work. Staying low, he forced Badato to carry his weight while constricting his breathing and testing his abilities on the mat.

As expected, they weren’t at the level of Brogan’s and after an unbearable mount attack highlighted by some slicing elbows and an arm-triangle attempt, the shots were too much and the ref had seen enough.

That type of dominance is the motif of Brogan’s career, but perhaps his most dangerous attribute is his patience. There is no hurry for him to employ his game-plan. There’s merely an interest in taking the fight to the floor. How that happen’s is up to the opponent. Anderson’s knowledge of distance on the feet allows him to stay out of range from damaging strikes and his ability to time shots and tie-ups allow him to enforce his will on the unfortunate souls tasked with defeating him.

It’s no easy task and one very few have been able to complete. If Eynaud comes up short like many of the rest, you’ve got to start thinking bigger for “The Arm Collector”, way bigger…

Where He Stands in the Aussie MMA Scene

A few days ago, I released my rankings of the¬†five Aussie (and one Kiwi) fighter’s the UFC should sign.¬†Essentially it read as the best fighter’s on the Australian regional promotion and of course, there were many who had other suggestions. One of which was Brogan Anderson.

His last loss came at the hands of my #3 fighter on that list, Matt Vaile, and beyond that performance he had looked superb. Well I don’t regret leaving him off, but there are so many great fighters on the scene that one win here or there could turn the tide. For Brogan Anderson, he could start off his bid for a top spot here at XFC 34.

A win would earn him a title in one of the premier Australian promotions. One that has seen current champions, Vaile and Hardman become wildly popular. But beyond that, it would put him in the conversation for some cross-promotional flings against other top contenders vying for the love of the UFC, ONE, or really any major MMA promotion.

Fights with guys like Stu Dare, who has a shot at the AFC title this weekend; or the #1 middleweight in Australia, Shane Mitchell would put him in a position to prove himself against serious competition. And wins would steal the attention away from them and leave it at Anderson’s doorstep.

It’s a bold thought to have. But if you want to separate yourself from the rest, those types of fights need to be in the forefront of your mind. He’s right there in the mix.

But that’s in the future. For now, “The Arm Collector” has his sights set on Jayden Eynaud and the precious cargo waiting for him.

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