Bibiano Retains His Bantamweight Title

Bibiano Edges Martin Nguyen at ONE: Iron Will

We came into ONE: Iron Will hoping to see history for the Aussie. Instead, we were graced with a performance full of poise and honor from the most dominant champion in the promotion’s history. Bibiano Fernandes hung in there and controlled most of the fight as the champ-champ was unable to land the kill-shot he’s found as of late. Nevertheless, it was a tremendous fight.

The first round started off slow. Nguyen took center stage and stayed patent as he’s one to do, but when the openings presented themselves: he couldn’t find his target. The fight turned into a technical slug-fest from there.

And it took me approximately three rounds to realize ONE scored their bouts much in the way of PRIDE. Not round by round, but the total fight. Okay that changes things, but I didn’t feel that got in the way of my ultimate opinion.

Bibiano had done enough to edge it out and grab the unanimous decision. The knockdown in the fifth sealed it and the title remained in the hands of the Brazilian. But what’s next for the dominant champion? That has yet to be known…

What’s Next for Bibiano?

But it does seem pretty straight forward.

Bibiano has made his bones defending his crown under the ONE banner and I don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Though it’s unclear at this time who his next foe will be. After all, this fight came at the perfect time for both men. With contenders at an all-time low, it’s difficult to have seen any other challenger take a step into the cage this weekend.

Now, that’s no longer a problem for Martin. Christian Lee has made himself the clear cut number one contender for the featherweights. But Bibiano’s division offers far more questions than answers.

Of course, the answer in the past would have been a rematch with Reece McLaren. The Aussie gave Bibiano the best run for his money up until this very moment. Alas, he’s now eyeing Adriano’s title and will likely remain at flyweight for the foreseeable future. So what is next for Bibs? Continue to defend the title in dominant fashion much like his training partner, Demetrious Johnson? Or will he keep his eye on the horizon and search for bigger fights and beautiful paydays?

The answer will come soon.

Till then, let us admire the masterful performance we bore witness to tonight.

Garry Tonon Wins His MMA Debut

There’s no bigger storyline on this card than “The Lion Killer’s” ferocious debut.

We all knew he’d have the advantage on the floor, but from the opening bell it was clear he wouldn’t be content without stepping out of his comfort zone. For this fight, that meant standing up with the powerful Richard Corminal and trading leather. He held up well and earned a knockdown in the first. From there, it was a methodical beatdown courtesy of Tonon.

The debut has allowed optimism to grow around the Tonon faithful and could push his closer to the big-time quicker than we all expected. As one of the many who hope for a flourishing career for “The Lion Killer”, his first win came in impressive fashion leading us all to wonder…how far can he go?


I’d be remiss if I didn’t address the ridiculous manner in which ONE handled this fight i.e., the streaming platform. It’s the biggest fight in the history of the promotion and I had to watch through the lens of a Thai broadcaster. Unbelievable. However, I do now consider myself fluent in the language.

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