Adam Assuncao: “The Joker” is Laughing His Way to the Top

Adam Assuncao is Tearing through the amateur ranks

Adam Assuncao Meets Billie Gordon at UFN 14

The world of amateur MMA largely goes undocumented and unappreciated. We love the big, world-wide promotions that produce star after star after star yet turn our heads away from the local promotions that usher talent towards that stardom. For Adam Assuncao, the future is bright. But for now, the amateur scene is where he lives.

And this weekend at UFN 14, Assuncao takes on top amateur bantamweight Billie Gordon. The fight represents an opportunity to prove where he stands amongst the amateur ranks. A successful professional career is in his sights. But “The Joker” is not ready to move on just yet.

The Aussie MMA scene is blowing up. Just look to the amateur ranks for the reason why.

His Climb Through the Amateur Ranks

If your looking for the next Robert Whittaker, look no further than the amateur ranks in Australia. And one of the top facilitators of young talent is the Mokhtarian brother’s promotion, Urban Fight Night. With Suman in the TUF house and Ashkan on the UFC roster, the platform for fighters coming through UFN is massive.

And for Adam Assuncao, it has offered him the opportunity to work through his shortcomings.

“The reason i’ve been having all these amateur fights myself is, I was trying to get that cage experience so that when i’m in there I can keep myself together and perform the way I want to perform.”

In today’s MMA and throughout the history of this sport, we often see guys go pro after a single amateur fight or even straight away. The time to develop often comes at the most stressful moments of a career and could hinder the development of a top athlete. Assuncao recognizes that problem and has remedied it the only way he knows how.

By fighting.

But it isn’t the skill he’s concerned about. After all, he’s been training for close to 14 years now. It’s the mental side of the game. And more often than not, that’s the aspect many overlook.

“Everyone can do it in the gym. It’s hard to perform it in the cage if you have those nerves behind you. If you learn to play with those nerves and actually compete with those nerves, what you do in the gym can be reflected in the cage.”

But heading into his fifth amateur fight, Adam Assuncao now feels confident in his progression through the sport. Which means big things are coming for “The Joker”.

“I would love to have an amateur title fight. If it comes my way, i’ll take it. But I wouldn’t mind my next fight after Billie being a pro fight.”

Adam Assuncao Faces Billie Gordon at UFN 14

Of course, it’s not that simple. In order to earn title shots and prove you’ve got what it takes to make it amongst the established professionals, winning is a must.

And this weekend at UFN 14, Adam Assuncao must claim victory to signal his entrance into the upper echelon of fighters. It won’t be easy. His opponent, Billie Gordon comes in with an undefeated amateur record and sports a couple of finishes on his portfolio.

The fight will be challenging, but it offers an interesting stylistic match-up sure to bring the fans to their feet. Both men have ingratiated themselves with the fans via dominant ground games and impressive finishes.

It’s a clash of titans. Both men sporting win streaks, both men putting opponents away like clock-work. Don’t get it twisted, this will be a chore for Adam Assuncao. But it will not be one he views as problematic. The vision is clear.

“I don’t see me losing this, I see me moving forward and becoming 5-0.”

Training at Australian Top Team

ATT has become a breeding ground for rising talent on the Australian MMA circuit. And the owners, Suman and Ashkan Mokhtarian have taken fighters under their wing in order to develop the best young talent on the regional scene.

But more than it is a business or a training facility. It’s a bond that the brother’s have with their fighters. For Adam Assuncao, it’s been an incredibly beneficial relationship.

“We’ve got like a family relationship, we’re all family. When I say that I mean, when I have a problem, they can see it in me and they’ll ask me about my problems.”

That family environment has helped usher him into the next level of talent established within the gym. But beyond the personal relationship he’s developed with his coaches, the training Assuncao has received at ATT has helped him become the monster he is today.

“It’s awesome, it can’t get any better. You’re training partners are the top fighters you can get. There’s nothing better than that…they understand the positions we all get into.”

The experience Suman and Ashkan have accrued over the years are now being passed down to the generations below them. And in a few years time, the results of that investment will become frighteningly real for every man who dares step across the cage from “The Joker”.

What’s to Come

For Adam Assuncao, the sky is the limit.

His training at ATT coupled with the invaluable experience he’s gained on the amateur circuit will pay-off ten-fold and soon. With his fifth fight coming up this weekend, the opportunity for massive exposure will be his. What he does with it, is ultimately up to him.

He’s got a clean head on his shoulders and the maturity of a fighter far beyond his years. With that, he takes off. To the fucking moon he goes. And we here at Ramen Chokehold are happy to be along for the ride. But you will be to.

We all like bragging about how early we hoped on a fighter’s bandwagon. Well here’s your chance. Years from now, when Adam Assuncao finds himself tearing up a major promotion, you’ll be the guy who gets to say ‘I told you so’. Or you’ll be the mush who wished they had hopped on board from the start.

Regardless, Adam Assuncao is going places. But don’t just meet him at his destination. Join the ride.

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